Albert is one of the kindest clients I’ve ever worked with. Throughout our search last summer, he exuded such patience and calmness. It was truly my pleasure to serve him.

At our first meeting, Albert was on the fence, weighing the options between buying a home or continuing to rent. I nodded, understanding, and let him think on what to do next for a few days. I heard from him shortly thereafter. “Melanie,” he wrote in an email. “Think I’m ready to start looking at places.”

We saw condos in many neighborhoods, but when Albert walked into a particular two-bedroom in Roscoe Village, he knew he wanted to make an offer. The home was incredibly charming, from the light-filled living space to the little balcony overlooking Leavitt Street. Albert excitedly went under contract.

He closed on his condo on the first day of September. I still remember sitting at the closing table with Albert, talking about life, church, real estate and everything in-between. It was a happy morning, and I am very grateful for the chance to have worked with him.