To this date, Brian is one of the kindest, most even-keeled buyers I’ve ever gotten to work with. We met in 2016 (throwback!) when I taught a seminar at his office building. I invited a few different companies, and luckily, Brian happened to work at one of them. He reached out some time later, ready to begin the homebuying process.

Brian’s condo search wasn’t easy. He was searching for a place along the blue line, an area full of very popular neighborhoods with extremely tight inventory. Brian made offers on a handful of homes, but each time, we were beat out by a cash buyer or someone who was willing to pay a wild amount over the list price.

It was late June when Brian sent me the address of a particularly cool two-bedroom in Logan Square — a sunny corner unit with a renovated kitchen, open layout, terrace and roof rights. What’s more, Bang Bang Pie is across the street. Brian saw the condo at an open house, and he loved it enough to make a very, very strong offer. This time, his contract stood out from the pack, and he went under contract.

Brian closed a month later, and as thrilled I as I was for him, I also felt a tinge of sadness that our time working together was over. He really is the nicest guy. (Example: He brought free burrito cards to his inspection. Chipotle is my all-time favorite food.) I really loved getting to know him.

He sent me this photo of his living room “after” photo (that leather couch!). Congratulations, Brian.