Bryan & Lulu

Working with friends is such a treat. I’ve known Bryan and Lulu for a few years now. We originally met through Sarah, my three-peat client and dear friend. Lulu is vivacious, witty, and full of life. Her husband, Bryan, is funny and kind-hearted — and he easily keeps up with Lulu’s banter.

Lulu texted me out-of-the-blue one day. “So we want to buy a condo,” she typed with a smiley face. I laughed and immediately texted back. We decided to set up an official meeting for the next week.

As it turned out, the pair had their eyes on just one building in particular — it happened to have two units for sale. We toured both of them, and very quickly, Bryan and Lulu were under contract on their first home. Inspection, attorney review, and closing flew by without a hitch. It was too easy — really, it was!

The condo they purchased is whimsical and bright, complete with built-ins, a fireplace, beautiful bay windows, and wood floors that creak in all the right places. As soon as Bryan and Lulu moved in, they got to work making it their own. This fall, I attened their housewarming party and couldn’t get over how homey it felt.

Last month, I asked Lulu to send me photos in time for my December newsletter. She delivered, big time. Her pictures are perfectly Christmas-themed, showing off their cheery home and festive decor. (Also, how cute is Stevie in the last one?)

Congratulations, Bryan and Lulu. I had a ball representing you.