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Conducting the Final Walkthrough

It’s time for your final walkthrough! This is your last chance to see the home before closing on it.

You’ll be checking for these these items:

  • The sellers have moved all of their personal belongings out
  • No garbage is left behind (the home should be “broom clean” which means free of trash/belongings, but unfortunately not sparkling)
  • No new issues have cropped up since the inspection (appliances still work, no damage to the property, etc.)
  • Any seller inspection repairs were completed
    • The seller should also provide receipts for any work completed to their attorney, so you should have a chance to review those prior to the final walkthrough.

Here is a quick checklist to give you an idea of what you’ll be checking:

  • Do the lights still work? Test the light switches! 
  • Are appliances in working order? Test the stovetop burners, preheat the oven, open the fridge, run the microwave, hit the buttons on the dishwasher, etc.
  • Do toilets flush?
  • Do sinks, showers, and tub spouts run? Do sink and tub drain-stoppers still work?
  • Check for new leaks, mold, or other large problems. 
  • Is everything on the contract still there? Appliances, laundry, etc.
  • Check doors and windows for proper functionality.
  • Do the heat and air conditioning work? 
  • Does the hot water work?
  • Is the home “broom clean?”

This is also where we will take a photo of you for social media, so wear your fave outfit and get ready to strike a pose in your new digs!

If you are leasing the property back to the sellers, you will conduct 2 final walkthroughs; one prior to closing, & one on your date of possession. For the first final walkthrough, you’ll just be making sure the property is in the same condition as the last time you saw it, & check any seller inspection repairs.

If there is an issue at the final walkthrough – say an inspection repair was not made, or the seller left you an attic full of debris – your agent will negotiate on your behalf to ensure it is made right prior to closing.

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