Full disclosure: Claire is one of the coolest girls I know. She has the best personality, best style, best family, and best taste in condos.

I met Claire through another past client, Kara. But before representing Claire, I worked with her younger brother, Conor. That was my first experience with their family — and it was such a memorable one. I got to know their mom and dad over the course of Conor’s transaction, so by the time it was Claire’s turn to make a purchase, we were like old friends.

We looked at condos in Wicker Park and Bucktown for a few weeks. It didn’t take long for Claire to stumble upon the most perfect two-bedroom home, just a block off Division. I loved the space at first sight, too: exposed white brick, unique layout, bay windows, and a backyard (for Claire’s dog, of course).

She wrote a strong offer, and soon she went under contract. Through the process, I spend even more time with her family, and just before closing, Claire and I even got to sit next to each other at Kara’s wedding (full circle!).

Claire sent me a folder of photos this week — her home is so on brand, from the greenery to the navy tufted couch. I love seeing my clients transform their houses into homes, and her space is no exception.

Next up, I need to represent Colin (Claire and Conor’s other brother!).