Daniel & Sarah

Writing about this particular closing makes me emotional, as the home belongs to two of my dear friends. In fact, I stood in their wedding just weeks before drafting the offer:

Sarah and I became friends back in 2014 after meeting through Park Community Church. One brisk autumn night, we found ourselves on the same red line train, heading north from Clark and Division. We exchanged numbers and set up our first “friend date” — happy hour at Sheffield’s in Lakeview.

Sometimes, you just “click” with a person. That’s precisely what happened with Sarah and me. We were fast friends, texting constantly and going on plenty of Chicago adventures: walking the McDonald’s drive-through only to be scolded, drinking cheap wine (Apothic Red was our jam) at our apartments, playing paddle tennis at Midtown, watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix while we worked-from-home. There were trips, too: to Charleston, Orlando, Nashville. Eventually, we moved just two blocks from each other in the Gold Coast — we hung out constantly, whether we were at my pool, on her rooftop, or dining al fresco at Eduardo’s. We supported one another through bad dates and breakups, career highs and lows, and more. Most notably, Sarah was there for me when I met Andrew, and shortly thereafter, I watched her start dating her now-husband Daniel.

Our relationship also involved real estate, of course! In early 2017, I helped Sarah purchase her first condo — a loft in the South Loop. Then, in 2019, I listed it for her. She received a full-price offer just days after going live.

As soon as Sarah returned from her honeymoon with Daniel that same year, she texted me about a certain new construction home they wanted to tour in North Kenwood.

Sarah and Daniel ended up writing an offer on the spectacular duplex. I was so honored to represent Sarah — our third transaction together! — and her husband on their purchase.

Since they closed, we’ve been collecting new memories in their place: Sarah and I have had plenty of work-from-home days, typing away at our laptops. I told Sarah I was pregnant over Chipotle burrito bowls at the kitchen table. The four of us hung out on their massive rooftop deck on warm summer nights during the pandemic.

To my friends: Thank you for trusting me, and thank you for being a part of my life! I love you guys.