Darius came to one of my very first seminars a few years ago. Back then, I was teaching SYWTBAC at Old Town Social. We chatted a little bit that night, and by early 2018, Darius was ready to begin his home search.

He had been renting in Printers Row, one of Chicago’s storied and cherished neighborhoods. In the late 19th century, it was home to the printing and publishing industry — as a journalism major, I love that rich literary history. Printers Row is now a residential area, boasting renovated old buildings and unique living spaces.

On a cold day in January, Darius went to an open house, then met up with me afterwards. He excitedly told me about what he had found: so many windows, brick walls, soaring ceilings and a secret lofted space up above the living room. He took me back to that open house, and we wrote a strong offer an hour or two later.

Darius closed this spring, and he threw a housewarming party to celebrate. That night, I loved seeing Darius share his home with friends. He toured them around, showing off his lofted bedroom, office area, spacious living room and scenic city views. I was (and am!) so proud of him.