There are few things I love more than helping a fellow female find her first condo in the city. Elaine and I started searching together last April, and over a few weekends, I came to know her as an ambitious, responsible, and all-around cool girl.

At the end of the month, she walked through an an airy loft on my favorite block in the South Loop (mostly because so many of my clients have purchased there!). The place was perfect for her: fully renovated, bright and open, exposed ductwork. She wanted it, and we made it happen.

Elaine’s closing was on the last day of May, and it was most definitely a joyous occasion. I’m so happy for her, and I’m thankful she chose to work with me. She texted me a few photos of her place — note the dishtowel hanging on her bar cart! I gifted that to Elaine at closing and felt all the feelings when I noticed it in the picture.