Emily’s condo had been on the market before. It was an adorable one — two bedrooms and plenty of outdoor space in Roscoe Village. When I saw the original listing expire on the MLS, I picked up a pen and wrote Emily a letter. I told her how much I loved her space, and should she ever decide to re-list, I’d happily try again with her.

Some time later, Emily invited me over. She had three dogs running around, and I remember sitting on the couch with her as they ran from end to end. As they barked in the background, I promised her that I’d do my best to sell her place this time around. We eventually did get a buyer, and Emily said goodbye to her Roscoe Village condo.

The beauty of selling with someone is that, usually, you get to buy with them, too. Emily’s dream for her next place was a bungalow in Portage Park. This past fall, she closed on the most charming home. I will never forget its historical features (the woodwork! the stained glass!) and its modern updates (the subway tile! the giant pantry!).

Congratulations, Emily, on the sale of one home and purchase of another. I am honored to have walked with you through the process. (Sidebar: How darn cute are these glasses from Foursided?)