I like to think of myself as a social introvert. As much as I crave alone time, I come to life when I’m engaging with people. I especially enjoy making new connections, which is why I attend lots of networking happy hours and real estate gatherings.

I’m a founding member of the Chicago Wolfpack, a business networking group. We just hosted our debut event, and we’re planning another for this spring.

I also serve as the Communications Chair for the Women’s Council of Realtors Chicago. Our organization hosts monthly programs for realtors and vendors, and I’m in charge of marketing.

In addition to those two roles, I teach first-time homebuyer seminars — the next one is happening March 2nd. Details are below. 


So You Want to Buy a Condo | Melanie Stone + Chris Kinsella

Wealth Symposium | WCR Chicago


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So You Want to Buy a Condo | Melanie Stone + Chris Kinsella