Geri, Tom & Nikky

I met up with my clients bright and early yesterday morning. It was a big day — Geri and Tom were set to close on an Old Town condo for their daughter, Nikky. Admittedly, we were all a little bit nervous for the final walkthrough. The sellers had been in the process of re-doing the floors and trim, and we hadn’t yet seen the finished product. 
After a quick trip to Dunkin’ Donuts (coffee for us, OJ for the doorman), we sat down in the Eliot House lobby to wait for the management office to open. There was just enough time to do cards and gifts. For Nikky, I bought Neighborwoods coasters from Foursided in Lakeview. And for her parents, Godiva truffles. We immediately opened the box — chocolate for breakfast.
The doorman finally gave us the nod — it was time to get the keys. We rode the elevator up, completely unsure what to expect. Tom reminded me that he hadn’t seen the unit yet. I had a lump in my throat.
I unlocked the door, and we all hesitantly peered inside. 
Oh, wow, Geri said. This looks great
And it did. The sellers did a fantastic job of renovating the unit. We walked from room to room, smiling and nodding and planning. Tom was especially impressed with the view — an awesome look at the Chicago skyline. 
From there, we drove to closing. It happened so fast. In less than an hour, they were finished, and I handed over the keys. 
Congratulations, Tom and Geri. This will be a lovely home for Nikky.