A few days after Hillary attended So You Want to Buy a Condo, the two of us went to Starbucks for a consultation. I am always a little bit nervous before meeting with a new client, but there was something about Hillary that put me completely at ease. She is funny, down-to-earth and so easy to talk to — my favorite kind of client.

Hillary works as a coder downtown, but for the past few years, she has been living (and running) in Rogers Park. She’s passionate about her neighborhood, so it made all the sense in the world that she wanted to own real estate there.

She was looking for a condo with charm, and it did not take long at all to find the one. Hillary made an offer on a vintage beauty with lots of light and a beautiful kitchen. The seller had big bookshelves on one wall, filled with color-coded books in every subject. It truly felt like a home.

The June closing went so smoothly — likely because of Hillary’s effortlessly calm personality. This week, she sent me some “after” photos of her space. Look closely, and you might see a cat or two.