Jerel + Margaret

Jerel and Margaret are some of the kindest and coolest first-time buyers I’ve ever worked with, and their closing was the best way to end 2016. I met them in October 2015 (2015, you guys) at the very first So You Want to Buy a Condo, back when I was teaching it at Old Town Social. The following summer, we met for drinks at Farmhouse and plotted out their path to homeownership. At that initial meeting, my heart swelled a little bit — Jerel and Margaret made me feel comfortable, and they were so completely open. I promised to join their team and support them through their home search.

Months later, snow covered the ground, and Jerel and Margaret made an offer on a gorgeous condo in Roscoe Village. It had everything they were looking for and then some: tons of space, light, tasteful updates, a park across the street and a red front door. They fell in love. We wrote an offer, and soon, they went under contract.

It was a Christmastime closing (how dreamy are these holiday plates from Anthro?) and as thrilled as I was for Jerel and Margaret, I was sad that our working relationship was over. They were the best, and they even called me “MSC.” 😇

Congratulations to two wonderful people.