Josh & Nicole

In 2016, So You Want to Buy a Condo was just a baby. I had been teaching the seminars for one full year — but there were still so many kinks to iron out. Josh and Nicole signed up in November 2016. I wish I could say I remember meeting them, but I was a ball of nerves during seminars back then (honestly, I still am!).

I do, however, remember our first showing in 2017. Josh and Nicole had reached out to tour a particularly unique loft in the South Loop, and they wrote an offer shortly thereafter. It’s a long story for a short blog post, but that condo wasn’t meant to be. Josh and Nicole headed back to the drawing board, and by 2018, they were ready to start fresh.

It’s impossible to know when you’ll find the right home. Real estate is unpredictable, and sometimes, “the one” sneaks up on you when you aren’t expecting it. It was March when Josh and Nicole found their perfect place — a total renovation of a Gold Coast high-rise condo — and swiftly made an offer.

Their closing day was just over two years ago, and I won’t ever forget it. As we waited in the lobby to head up to the unit, Josh and Nicole sat on the couch, grinning. Josh then informed me that they had gotten engaged that morning. I just about exploded with excitement, pulling them in for congratulatory hugs. Closing day is always special, but add in an engagement, and I turn to mush. Since then, the two got married (at The Ambassador in the Gold Coast, just a few blocks from their building!) and put the finishing touches on the condo. Nicole sent me some photos of their home a week or so ago. Of course, it looks stunning — they have impeccable taste. Nicole is an architect, after all!

Congratulations, you guys, on so many things.