When I first met Katie in 2017, I was carrying a white box of cake donuts into a conference room at Hyatt, where she worked at the time. My lender and I were there, of course, to teach So You Want to Buy a Condo to employees.

Katie was cool, funny, and knew how to rock a smoky eye. She immediately put my nerves at bay as she told us a little bit about herself and the company. She was renting in Lakeview’s quintessentially charming Southport Corridor at that time, and though she wasn’t quite ready to purchase a condo, she was all ears during our presentation.

Two years later, Katie sent me an out-of-the-blue email. The subject line read: “Question about…buying a home!?” I smiled, remembering her all at once, and typed back a reply.

We saw a handful of homes together, all of them right in her beloved neighborhood. There were condos Katie liked, but nothing that she absolutely had to have. By late summer, she decided she would take a break from the search. I wholeheartedly agreed with her strategy — settling for something you don’t LOVE is never the way to go.

In February 2020, exactly three years after meeting Katie, she texted me about a particularly stylish condo on a tree-lined block in the Southport Corridor. We met there that evening for a showing. As it turned out, Katie knew the owners (quite well, actually!). She wrote an offer, and they instantly accepted.

Katie’s purchase was a total whirlwind. We had a ball at her inspection, chatting nonstop about this and that. I’d known her for only a few years at that point, but Katie is the kind of person who can make you feel as if you’ve been friends your entire life. She has the best personality, and I loved representing her.

On her closing day in April, Katie arrived to her final walkthrough with a small gift bag in tow. I had one for her as well, and we opened them on the front steps of her new home. I nearly cried when I saw what she had bought for me: a blue-and-white pinstriped headband from Lele Sadoughi. I knew Katie loved Lele headbands as well, so I had purchased the same exact gift for her. It was a very sweet, hilarious moment.

Katie recently took some photos of her space for me, and I am thrilled to share a sneak peek with you all. Congratulations, Katie, my client-turned-friend!