One of my sweet past clients, Rachel, told Kim about me back in 2017. Kim’s name popped up in my inbox sometime later, and we met for the first time at my WeWork office to talk about what she was looking for.

Right away, I felt at ease with Kim. She was close to my age, she wanted a condo in the Gold Coast (at the time, I lived on Goethe Street!), and she came across as breezy and kind. We made a plan to start shopping

2017 turned to 2018, and after touring a batch of places, Kim was starting to get discouraged. At that time, she was in a lease, and her timeline was tight. “Don’t worry,” I cooed after a showing, “Real estate works out the way it’s supposed to.”

This is advice I’ve handed out to so many clients over the years. Whether it’s a lease or other timing restrictions, buyers often feel pressure to make decisions before they’re ready. I always tell them not to settle, but to trust the process. I shared these same words with Kim.

Lo and behold, Kim did find something just in time. And it wasn’t just a something — it was a sun-soaked, vintage Gold Coast gem in a coveted courtyard building. I fell completely in love with the property after I saw it. She closed last February and has since made the space her own.

Kim, I am so proud of you and forever jealous of your condo. Thank you for your trust in me.