Lior’s home is special to me for a few reasons. First, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Second, it’s in my old building. And third, Lior has the best style — her decor is enviable.

We had been working together for about a month, touring homes in the Gold Coast and Lincoln Park. There were some contenders, but nothing really stood out to Lior until she saw this particular two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo (it just happened to be eight floors above my own). She wrote a strong offer, and after a bit of back-and-forth, Lior went under contract on her renovated Gold Coast condo.

I tend to run into clients around town after they close, but since Lior and I lived in the same building, I saw her often. What’s more, she works in the same WeWork building as me. We’d bump into each other on the 10th floor of WeWork Kinzie or by the pool at our building. A few weeks ago, she invited me upstairs to see her unit. I flew around, taking photos on my phone and swooning over every detail. The rehab is absolutely spectacular, from the stunning marble backsplash to the sliding barn door.

A few weeks ago, I sold my unit, so Lior and I are no longer neighbors — more on that later! I’ll always love our building, and I’m so glad Lior is still happily living in her Gold Coast home.