A few times a month, I visit companies to teach SYWTBAC to their employees. This is how I met Lisa. She works for Starcom, and this past winter, I taught a seminar there. Lisa reached out to me some time later.

I knew I clicked with her at consultation. We sat in a booth at my WeWork office, and I listened as she showed me photos of listings she liked (and photos of her dog, Zeus!). Lisa was independent and sweet — the best combination of traits — and she was determined to get the home search underway.

In late spring, Lisa went to see a condo in a well-loved Lakeview high-rise. The place had everything she needed: a kitchen to bake in, a pool for warm days, a thoughtful layout. She wanted it. We wrote an offer, and soon enough, she was under contract.

Her May closing was a happy one. I loved sitting at the table with Lisa and her mother (the most supportive mom, hands down!) as Lisa signed every document. I told her to send me photos when the place was all decorated, and yesterday, she did! Here’s a glimpse into Lisa’s Lakeview home.