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Gorgeous Photography

Attention to Detail

Through a thorough process of preparing your home for the market, we'll make it our mission to learn everything there is to know about your property -- answering buyers' questions BEFORE they even think to ask.

First impressions are everything. That's why it's crucial to make your home stand out online, from the first picture to the last. We work with best-in-class photographers to ensure your home "wows" buyers right off the bat.

Digital Exposure

Transportive Writing



The listing description matters. It really, truly does! At M&Co., we write from the heart, taking buyers on a written tour of your property. (Fun fact: We are big fans of the Oxford Comma.)

Our online listings are special, if you can't already tell! Take a scroll through some of our addresses to see how we showcase our sellers' properties.

We are absolutely honored to represent these special homes. Click each address to read more about the property, as well as see photos. Do let us know if you’d like additional information!

1910 N. Halsted #3S
260 E. Chestnut #3705
1727 S. Indiana #324
725 W. Sheridan #701
1255 N. State #8J
2728 N. Hampden #1810
3300 N. Lake Shore #4AE
3520 N. Lake Shore #4M
3340 N. Damen #3S
545 W. Melrose #3
1455 N. Sandburg #202
1521 W. Haddon #2C
21 W. Goethe #10B
33 W. Delaware #22K
1455 N. Sandburg #302B
340 E. Randolph #2104
1928 W. Evergreen #2
440 N. Wabash #1103
4976 N. Milwaukee #401
2149 N. Seminary #B
1201 S. Prairie #4403
1211 N. LaSalle #1202
3401 N. Greenview #2S
5455 N. Sheridan #3005
1448 N. Orleans #2D
300 W. Grand #503
1500 N. Orleans #1N
1212 N. LaSalle #604
334 W. Schiller
1448 N. Orleans #2E
2105 W. Barry #1
1448 N. Orleans #3B
1720 Maple #1720



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