Tom & Liz

A guest post by Beatriz Jensen-Perez

Liz and Tom reached out to our team after attending SYWTBAC last year. Their lease wasn’t up until the spring so we took things slow and we started going to showings here and there.

Their dream home included an office space, room for a dining room table and space to grow. One Saturday morning I got a text message from Liz that read, “We went to an open house and it might be first-born worthy!”. I went to see it right away and had to agree — it checked all of their boxes and more! Soon after we were under contract!

Liz and Tom, like many buyers, had big plans to modernize the space and switch out a few things. It was a total shock getting pictures (just a few hours after closing!) of a new accent wall in the primary bedroom, a transformed living room and painted kitchen cabinets! (Editor’s note: seriously! Take a look at the top photo & the kitchen below — talk about a makeover!)

I’m so happy Liz and Tom are settling into their new place and I’m so excited to see how they keep making it their own. 

A few quick questions for Tom & Liz:

How many homes did you look at before finding yours? We went to a lot of open houses during the fall season but during the spring we found our gem pretty early!

How did you know this was The One? First off, we loved the layout! We were looking at townhomes and duplex down units. After we saw our place, we sat in the car and tried to go over our usual pros and cons list. For us, we could not find any cons that were a deal-breaker. As we saw more units, we kept comparing them to this one. After it dawned on us that we couldn’t stop thinking about this unit, we called Beatriz and told her we found our home!

What is the very best feature in your home? UGH this is so hard! I would say having a big primary bathroom is a big game-changer for me. Especially, the big bathtub! My husband would say the second living room to watch sports & play darts, while our dog would say having a staircase!

Which room do you spend the most time in? We spend a lot of time at our kitchen table! Something so small in the grand scheme, but something we have not had in any apartment together! Aside from that, we love to watch movies in the downstairs living room.

Go-to restaurant in your neighborhood? There are so many go to’s in Bucktown! We love Club Lucky along with getting drinks at the Delta.

Share your fave memory in your home! My favorite memory is our first Saturday after we moved in. We had stored all of our wedding gifts until we bought our first home together, so on this Saturday we used our new latte maker, waffle maker, and all our new dishes. We had a feast and got to take it all in together!