Maggie Witmer, a second generation realtor, has long been fascinated by the world of real estate. She grew up watching her dad serve his clients, and over the years, she learned the nuts and bolts of the industry. Following in his footsteps, Maggie has developed her own style of matching clients with their perfect home — a home that she hopes will make their everyday life feel better than a vacation.

While Maggie’s path didn’t take her directly into real estate, she honed her professional skills within the complex world of insurance. There she spent countless hours hammering out details to ensure nothing was overlooked. Insurance is where she learned that while price is important, building lasting relationships predicated on security are key to long-term success.

You can find Maggie running countless miles on the Lakefront Trail with her husband, Brad, walking her ever-playful Golden Retriever pup around her Lakeview neighborhood, or expanding her search for the best coffee shop in the city.

Email Maggie: maggie@melanieeverettco.com
Follow Maggie: @maggie.witmer

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