Mike & Katherine

A friend of mine introduced me to her dear friends, Mike and Katherine, in the spring. This particular friend is effortlessly cool and genuinely kind, so I knew her people would be just as wonderful. (And they were!)

Mike and Katherine have been dating for over ten years — they met at the community pool, both working as lifeguards. I’m a sucker for a good love story, so I probably asked way too many questions about their story and how they came to be as a couple. Overall, I learned that they are MFEO.(Sleepless in Seattle, anyone?)

They knew they wanted a one-bedroom in the West Loop — with that, our condo search began. Like most buyers, they had done quite a bit of online browsing beforehand, so it didn’t take long to find the perfect space. They made an offer and we began negotiating. Mike called me a few nights later. He told me that 1) they accepted the seller’s last counter and 2) he had proposed to Katherine, and she said yes. I squealed on the phone and felt very happy for them. What a way to go under contract.

Some time later, the fiancés closed on their gorgeous loft. It has a big balcony and cozy fireplace, and it’s located in one of the best West Loop pockets. In the afternoon, sunlight pours in. I stopped by their housewarming party over the summer, and I can absolutely say the space is so, so welcoming.

Congratulations, Mike and Katherine. Thanks for sharing a sneak peek into your new home! (Photos below.) Also, sorry in advance, but I did some light Facebook stalking this morning and found your engagement photos. Swoon.