Rachel and I met on a blustery day last winter. At the time, she was living and working in Philly. As we sat with steaming coffee between our hands, Rachel told me how much she missed Chicago — being close to family, friends, and favorite spots around the city.

I filled her in on the buying process, and this past February, Rachel emailed me, ready to start looking for a condo. The twist was that she wasn’t physically going to be in Chicago very much, so her parents agreed to spearhead the search. (I soon learned that her parents are just as sweet as Rachel is).

We spent a few months on the hunt. There were many showings, a few offers, flights to and from Chicago, tons of phone calls and texts. Winter turned to spring, and the market remained as competitive as ever. There was one day that Rachel’s parents went to an open house for a particular home in Lakeview. As it turned out, they loved the space, and they knew their daughter would, too. Rachel hopped on a flight to see the condo, and after confirming that it was indeed perfect for her, she wrote a strong offer.

I met up with the three of them that afternoon to see a back-up option, just in case Rachel’s offer didn’t work out. We walked through this other place, shaking our heads. It wasn’t the one. I said goodbye to Rachel and her parents outside and got in my car. Just then, I heard my phone ding — an email! — and of course, it was the listing agent, responding to our offer: accepted!

Grinning, I unbuckled my seatbelt and ran over to Rachel’s dad’s car. “They accepted your offer!” I cheered.

Rachel looked shocked. “Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed. “Get in!”

This was one of my happiest moments in real estate thus far. I very rarely get to be with my client when his or her offer is accepted, so it was such a sweet treat to witness Rachel’s joy-filled reaction.

She closed a few months later, and recently, she shared some photos of her new condo. Rachel, I am so glad you made your way back to Chicago. Welcome home, girl!