Rhea + Bruce

June was a big month for this couple. They got married, honeymooned under the sun, then flew back to Chicago and closed on their first home. I’m honestly so impressed — how they found the time to do all of that is beyond me.

When I first met Rhea at a Women@Park Bible study, she told me a little bit about what they were looking for. Her then-fianc√© craved outdoor space, Rhea needed an in-unit W/D and they both dreamed of a place to raise a family. We exchanged phone numbers, and a month or two later, they were ready to look at properties. 
Rhea and Bruce (and me, too) ended up falling in love with a vintage 5-bedroom duplex in Buena Park. For Bruce, there are two private patios and a rooftop deck. He’s already christened the front patio with beer and groomsmen. And for Rhea, there is most certainly a laundry room, but there’s also potential for her to design and create — from paint colors to larger renovations.
For their closing gift, I found a whimsical and decorative storybook — “The Flower Wedding“– and paired it with monogrammed cocktail napkins. (Fun fact: I have a stockpile of red wine in my apartment for closing gifts. MSC is always prepared with vino.)
I am thrilled for Rhea and Bruce to begin this new life together. Congratulations, you two!