Robbie & Lauren

Robbie and Lauren’s closing feels like forever ago, but I remember that day so clearly (and probably won’t forget it!). Lauren is obsessed with Veuve Clicquot, so I naturally picked up a bottle for them. Once they finished signing, I presented the gift. Lauren laughed, reaching behind her. She had a bottle of Veuve for me! It was too perfect. I smiled all the way home.

Our relationship began a few months before that day. Robbie and Lauren contacted me after attending one of my seminars, and after our consultation, the search was officially underway. They weren’t picky about location: I took them to Lakeview, River North, Lincoln Park. But it wasn’t until Robbie and Lauren walked through a particularly sunny home in Roscoe Village that they knew it was meant for them.

And it was! This condo offered a welcoming floor plan, tons of kitchen space, a deck and enough square footage to run laps. Robbie and Lauren were still newlyweds at the time, but I think they could really envision their life here. They made an offer, and as I wrote, it ended with two bottles of Veuve at the closing table.

Lauren texted me these pictures of their place. I’m grateful to know them, and for a glimpse into their home today.