Last month, Roxy closed on a sleek two-bedroom condo in the heart of the Cathedral District. A trader by day, Roxy is inquisitive and trusting, and she was an exceptionally detailed client. We’d text each other at midnight — she’d send listings, and I’d send my thoughts.

The home she purchased is in a five-star building on Huron — decked out with all of the amenities. In the unit, there’s a gorgeous bathroom with a built-in vanity and breathtaking views of River North. Our final walkthrough and closing was one of my favorite March mornings: we took a selfie in front of her building (apparently I’ve been doing it all wrong — she had to teach me where to look), shared a cab to the title company, and then celebrated afterwards with matching club sandwiches at Cosi.

I am so proud of Roxy. Girl power, am I right?

I’m slightly obsessed with this print from Foursided. It depicts the heights of Chicago’s landmark buildings.