Ryan & Morgan

I remember my first showing with Ryan and Morgan. It was blustery and cold — wintertime — and I sat nervously in my car outside of the condo building we were about to tour. I’d never met either of them, and aside from a quick phone consultation with Ryan, I did not know what to expect.

Ryan and Morgan turned out to be some of the kindest and most genuine people I’ve ever served. From that showing on, I could talk to them with complete ease, and they treated me like a friend. I learned that they were engaged to be married in the summer, both worked as teachers (but at different schools), and had collected many memories over their years together as a couple.

We primarily toured homes in the West Town neighborhood, a location that would allow both Ryan and Morgan to commute to their schools. There were plenty of challenges throughout the search (like a frozen lockbox and a bidding war!) but eventually, they found a place they really loved. We wrote an aggressive offer, and they went under contract.

The home offered everything Ryan and Morgan were hoping for and more: a unique floorplan, three bedrooms, parking, vintage details, a cozy fireplace. On their closing day, we laughed a lot at the table and took a goofy title company picture in the lobby. It was the best afternoon.

I promise I don’t typically wear Hawks jerseys to closings.

Since their spring closing, I’ve been able to keep up with Ryan and Morgan, as well as get to know their families. Ryan’s little brother, Danny, bought a condo with me a few months later — shortly after Ryan and Morgan returned from their honeymoon. I grabbed drinks with Morgan recently, and she shared the impressive transformation of their kitchen. They picked out pristine quartz countertops, painted the cabinets an ethereal shade of blue, and installed extra cabinetry.

Congratulations to this sweet couple on their closing, wedding and all that is to come.

Kitchen (after!)
Kitchen (before)
I love this candid of Ryan cooking dinner for Morgan.