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Preparing for the Inspection

Per the contract, the buyer will hire a licensed inspector to come to the property and conduct a visual inspection. They will mainly be concerned with safety issues, but they will also be able to tell the buyer the age of mechanicals, appliances, etc.


The buyer has 5 business days from the executed contract to conduct the inspection, since inspection runs concurrently with the attorney review period of 5 business days.

It is standard for the seller to leave during this time. We appreciate your flexibility with scheduling, as we are trying to accommodate the schedules of the buyer, inspector, & buyer’s agent.

Preparing for the Inspection

Your house doesn’t need to be as sparkling as it was for open houses & showings, but please be sure your home is reasonably tidy & the inspector can easily access all appliances & mechanicals. They will also want to look at your garage and storage, if applicable. Please be sure that all utilities are on for the inspection so that everything can be tested!

If you have a condo, please be sure that any shared building mechanicals are accessible during the inspection. If this requires access through your neighbor’s unit (i.e. A/C unit is on the roof, only accessible through the 3rd floor unit), please coordinate with your neighbor & let your agent know ahead of time.

If you have pets, please be sure to secure them (such as in a crate, or in a bedroom) & let your agent know ahead of time. If you’re able to take them with you, that is ideal, in case someone has allergies or is not comfortable with animals.

If something is not working in your home, such as an ice maker or stovetop burner, that should be included in your property disclosure, but we know things come up! Please let your agent know ASAP so they can prepare the buyer’s agent. It’s best to avoid surprises on inspection day!

Conducting the Inspection

The buyer, their agent, and the inspector will attend the inspection. Depending on the commission package selected, your agent may be there as well.

The length of your inspection depends on the size of your home, but we usually budget about 1-2 hours for condos and about 2-3 hours for single-family homes. Your agent will let you know when you can return home!

Add-On Inspections

Depending on your home, the buyer may request add-on or additional inspections, such as radon testing, mold testing, or a sewer scope.

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