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Guide to Signing Paperwork

Once you decide to work with Melanie Everett & Company, your agent will send you paperwork through DocuSign to make it official.

Below is more information about each of the documents – please ask your agent if you have any questions!

Listing Agreement

The listing agreement is the agreement between you and Melanie Everett & Company for the exclusive right to sell your property. This is where the commission percentage is set, and also where you will answer some questions about how you want your property shown and marketed, and some other details about your home. 


DocuSign will have you initial the bottom of each page and sign the last page, as well as answer some questions about your home – see below! 

  1. Line 51: Indicate if you will allow your agent to place a lockbox on your property for access. Anyone entering the property will always be accompanied by a licensed agent! 
  2. Line 82: Initial to indicate you will comply with fair housing and nondiscrimination ordinances. You can read more in the Illinois Human Rights Act & the Federal Fair Housing Act.
  3. Line 90: Indicate if you will allow your agent to share “Offer Letters” with you – these are letters from potential buyers that go beyond what the contract templates allow for: a little bit about themselves, what they love about your home, etc. We often advise our buyers to send these letters in order to stand out in a multiple offer situation. That said, you may decide not to receive these letters for reasons outlined in the listing agreement. 
  4. Line 161: Indicate if you provide consent to dual agency. This would be in the event where the buyer of your home is also represented by your Melanie Everett & Company (either the same agent representing the buyer & seller, or 2 different team members). It is up to you on if you are comfortable with this!
  5. Lines 172-179 & 195-201: Fill out the information about your property on lines 172-179, & 195-201. 
  6. Lines 242-253: Ensure the checkboxes for items included in the sale are accurate. If there is anything additional that you would like to include or exclude, include those in lines 252 & 253. Generally, anything that is permanently affixed to the property is considered included in the sale unless otherwise stated – this includes things like custom drapery and attached shelving. If you have any questions, ask your agent!
  7. Line 260: Initial to allow us to enter your property into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) at a later date (otherwise, the agreement states your property must be entered within 48 hours of signing the agreement). This section references the MLS Listing Exemption Authorization (see below) to determine when the property will be listed in the MLS.

MLS Listing Exemption Authorization

This document allows us to list your property in the MLS only once all pre-marketing prep (i.e. photos, listing description) is completed.

Private Listing Network Authorization

If we are planning to list your property on the Private Listing Network (PLN), you will sign this authorization.

Residential Real Property Disclosure

The Real Property Disclosure informs the buyer of any known defects about the property. You will answer a series of questions about your property, and provide more details if there are any known defects. 


  1. Check the appropriate boxes on lines 1-24.
  2. If you answer Question #1 with “No”, you will need to add a brief description in the text box (i.e. property was rented).
  3. If you answer any other questions with “Yes”, you will need to add a brief explanation at the top of page 2. Please let your agent know if you have any questions about this!

Here’s what that form looks like:

Radon Disclosure

The radon disclosure needs to be completed if the home is on the third floor or below. Your agent will include this in your listing packet if it is needed!


  1. Initial next to the statements which apply to your home. If you have no knowledge of elevated radon concentrations in your home, you can initial next to (c) & (d).

Lead Paint Disclosure

The lead paint disclosure needs to be completed if the home was built prior to 1978. Your agent will include this in your listing packet if it is needed!


  1. Initial and check the appropriate boxes under (a) and (b). (example below)

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