Slater & Melissa

A guest post by Courtney Funkhouser

I first chatted with Melissa and Slater in September and we nailed down their wishlist — larger outdoor space, character, no upstairs neighbors, a fireplace and 3-bedrooms were at the top of their list. We saw a number of different styles of units — duplex downs, simplexes, etc., but nothing seemed to be speaking to us. The fall market was slower and there wasn’t much inventory coming up, so were thinking that we might have to wait for the spring market. 

I received a message from them in early December saying that they stopped at an open house for a really cool loft space that checked all of their boxes (it even had a private roof deck!)… except it was a two-bedroom unit. We set up a second showing for the following day and tried to figure out how to turn this two-bedroom into a three-bedroom. Sure enough, there was plenty of space to make this happen, it was just a matter of getting a little creative. We were told they had received an offer that day so we quickly put together their best and final offer as quickly as possible and awaited the response.

We ended up not winning which was a huge bummer. Melissa and Slater were good sports about it and figured it wasn’t meant to be. Fast forward a week and I get a call from the listing agent saying that it seems the current buyer is getting cold feet. We were quick to say that we were still interested and a couple of days later, we were under contract. The inspection went smoothly and we even had a contractor stop by to run through adding a third bedroom. 

Melissa and Slater closed a month later and instantly hit the ground running on improvements. They put in new kitchen counters, painted the cabinets green, installed new lighting fixtures, and updated their powder room. They took an already unique and sunny loft and made it an even brighter and more special space. I can’t wait to see what they do next!

A few quick questions for Slater & Melissa:

How many homes did you look at before finding yours? Around 10

How did you know this was The One? We placed an offer on this place, and got outbid. We were so bummed, it almost felt like a breakup! But then we found out that the original buyers backed out and the place could be ours! We felt like it was absolutely meant to be.

What is the very best feature in your home? Probably a tie between the kitchen and the rooftop! We love hosting friends and family, so we can’t wait to enjoy many summer nights on the roof with good food and a glass of wine.

Which room do you spend the most time in? Definitely the kitchen!

Go-to restaurant in your neighborhood? Old Pueblo Cantina and Cedar Palace

Share your fave memory in your home! Right after we closed on our new home, we had a few friends over for an impromptu game night. No furniture, no food. Just a folding table and chairs, some decks of cards and a few bottles of champagne. It was the perfect way to start off our time in this new home. We can’t wait for many more memories to come!