Wait, so HOW much do I need for a down payment on a condo in Chicago? What happens at a home inspection? How long does the buying process take?

This hour-long course covers everything from the pre-approval letter to the closing table.

So You Want to Buy a Condo is for anyone thinking of purchasing real estate in Chicago. Since 2015, we’ve taught hundreds of first-time buyers how to navigate the process.

We’ve been to some pretty cool Chicago companies, like Uber, Deloitte, Salesforce, Grubhub & more! Interested in hosting SYWT at your company? Learn more here!

This course is for you if:

You’re renting: For those that are currently in a lease, you’ll learn the differences between investing in you & investing in your landlord.

You’re on the fence: This is a zero-pressure zone! While we’d love to work with you, there are no expectations here. If you’re nervous about buying, this is a safe place to ask questions.

You’re looking for something other than a condo: The content in this course can be applied to buying a house, townhouse, 2-flat, 3-flat, lot of land, etc. We just call it So You Want to Buy a Condo because it’s catchy 😉