Stef and I met almost three years ago at NCSA’s Chicago office. I was there to teach my condo seminar — it was the first company lunch-and-learn I’d ever done. Stef put me completely at ease as she showed us around the sleek, sporty space. I felt so welcomed by her.

This winter, Stef ramped up her condo search. We saw a few places together, but it wasn’t until she stumbled upon a “coming soon” listing on Zillow that she knew it was the perfect match for her. She texted it to me and I called the agent right away. Stef was the very first showing, and almost instantly, she went under contract. We did the inspection on her birthday (I may or may not have showed up wearing a paper birthday hat).

The home is inside a restored loft building in Wicker Park. It has brick walls, tons of natural light, high ceilings and a balcony. Wicker Park is a tight market — there is not a lot for sale at certain price points, and the good stuff goes fast. I am so proud of Stef for finding this home and making it her own.

Her condo is so her. Congratulations, Stef.