Hi there!

We couldn’t be more excited to add agent education to the list of courses that M&Co. teaches.

Melanie began teaching her first-time homebuyer seminar “So You Want to Buy a Condo” in 2015, & though nervewracking at first, it has become one of our favorite ways to connect with buyers. 

A few months ago, we wondered if there was an opportunity to connect with new & seasoned agents in Chicago using the same concept — & so, “So You Want To: For Agents” was born. 

Our first event was “So You Want to Grow Your Newsletter,” presented by M&Co.’s Director of Operations, Sarah Emas. We covered growing your audience, finding your voice, & how to take your newsletter to the next level. It was a blast!

If you’re interested in signing up for the next webinar, drop your email below & we’ll let you know when it’s scheduled. 

We hope this is just the beginning of agent education for our team. Thank you for coming along!

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