Rave Reviews

“I could not recommend the M&Co. team more! I met Melanie and Courtney during one of their “So You Want to Buy a Condo” seminars at WeWork. I immediately knew they were professional, but they also made the process very approachable. They provide thorough background of each step, which empowers you to make the best decision.” – Samantha Akins

“I wasn’t planning on buying a condo this year but attended Melanie’s So You Want To Buy A Condo seminar to get an idea of the process. After attending, I decided that it was entirely attainable to buy a house in the next year and that Melanie was going to help me do it.” – Hillary Snyder

“My husband and I attended the “So You Want to Buy a Condo?” webinar in the Fall of 2021 in hopes of buying in the Spring on 2022. The webinar and M&Co. were recommended to us from a friend so close I consider her a sister. The knowledge we got from the webinar was enough for us to know that we would trust no one else but M&Co. to represent us during the home buying process.” – Liz Campbell

“My husband and I first met Melanie four years ago at one of the first SYWTBAC seminars (highly recommend checking it out!). After hearing her speak, we immediately knew that we wanted her to be the one to help us navigate our first home buying process.” – Mary Kate Holy

“When I first considered buying a condo, I reached out to Melanie for a 1-on-1 SYWTBAC seminar. She quickly agreed, and it was exactly what I needed to hear! Enough detail to feel buying was the right option, but also not too overwhelming as I was a real beginner in the world of real estate.” – Kim Unander

“After seeing a sponsored Facebook ad for Melanie’s “So You Want to Buy a Condo?” seminar, I proceeded to stalk her on social media and fell in love. Her Instagram aesthetic was simply beautiful and, being the quintessential millennial that I am, I fell in love. After attending one of her seminars, it became clear to me that not only was Melanie’s social media strategy outstanding, but this woman knows her stuff. I was hooked and my husband and I decided that when we were ready to buy our first home, we would work with Melanie.” – L’Oreal Thompson Payton

“After hearing about a friend’s wonderful experience working with M&Co., my partner and I reached out and also attended “So You Want to Buy A Condo”. We were blown away. The seminar was fantastic and helped build our base knowledge” – Sam Sadlier

“When my wife and I were first thinking about buying, we didn’t even know where to start. As long time renters, I mentioned to a friend that we were thinking about buying and she immediately told me about Melanie and MSC. She told me that Melanie hosted seminars called “So You Want To Buy A Condo” where first time buyers can learn the basics about buying your first place. We quickly signed up to attend, but expected to go and only learn a few things and then stick with a relator our family had previously used. After attending ‘SYWTBC’ we came away so impressed that we looked at each other and immediately knew she was the person to help us.” – Robbie Penzell

“My husband and I used Melanie for the purchase of our first home and we knew immediately after meeting with her that we would be in great hands! We first attended Melanie’s popular “So You Want to Buy a Condo?” seminar and were extremely impressed with her knowledge and approachable demeanor.” – Kristen Sleight

“In November 2016, my husband, Luis, and I went to an amazing event called “So You Want to Buy A Condo.” While we weren’t actively thinking about purchasing our first home, our close friend, Michelle, encouraged us to attend this laid-back meeting put on by Melanie Everett. Our goal was to learn more about the home-buying process and ask any of our nagging questions. That night, we learned about the mortgage application process, the competitive real estate market in Chicago, and so much more.” – Leah Cerwinske

“As first time home-buyers, we were so overwhelmed with where to even begin with buying a house. We joined in on a “So You Want to Buy a Condo?” call with Maggie, Melanie, and their team. The information was incredibly helpful, but we were still a little anxious. Maggie immediately put our nerves at ease. She broke down the entire process for us and made it super easy.” – Keri Camiliere