Tyler & Ellie

On a frigid Friday night in January, my husband and I headed to Mable’s Table to meet our friends, Tyler and Ellie. It was first and foremost a double date, but additionally, we had plans to talk about their condo search. Most buyer consultations (pre-COVID) happen over coffee — at this one, we had wine!

Tyler and Ellie are some of my favorite people. We originally met through church — Tyler and Andrew were in the same Bible study, and eventually, I was introduced to Tyler’s wife, Ellie. Tyler is hilarious, laid-back, and authentic. Ellie is tenderhearted and passionate, and she is a remarkably good friend.

As our entrees arrived, Tyler, Ellie, and I penciled in a time the following weekend for the three of us to go see some properties. We all clinked our glasses together, celebrating a new year and (hopefully) a new home for the two of them.

Ellie and I texted back and forth a ton that next week, flipping between talking about condos to talking about life stuff. I ironed out our showing schedule, and by Saturday, we braved the elements (it was snowing and icing and raining!) for our tour.

We saw a handful of places, but there was one listing in particular that she and Tyler really, really loved: a renovated home on a tree-lined street in Lakeview, just a few blocks from their current Lincoln Park apartment. It boasted a cozy fireplace, remodeled kitchen, hardwood floors, tons of space, an urban feel, and much more. They wrote a competitive offer, and just like that, Tyler and Ellie went under contract.

Working with friends can be nerve-wracking (I don’t want anything to happen!) but these two made it easy, constantly reassuring me through the entire process with their kindness and patience. They closed in March, and I felt incredibly honored for the chance to represent these sweet friends of mine.

Ellie sent me a few new photos of their space. I could not be more proud! Well done, you guys.