Vogue Vintage Finds

We’re excited to introduce you to Sarah of Vogue Vintage Finds, a friend of M&Co.! Sarah is a childhood bestie of our Candace — the two grew up together in the Western Suburbs.

Sarah goes to resale shops & estate sales to find hidden gems, & then posts them on her Instagram @VogueVintageFinds for sale. She has an eye for design, as evidenced by her feed. Below are some of her favorite finds as of late – read on to learn more about how she got started, & some of her tried-&-true tips for incorporating vintage pieces & antiques into your own home.

How did you start Vogue Vintage Finds? 
Completely on a whim! It was a perfect storm of feeling the need for a creative outlet, a shopping habit, and feeling inspired by the vintage and antique resale world finding a place on Instagram. I find such value in things that have been previously loved that carry a story, and was inspired by seeing that there are so many people (young people!) who feel the same and want to incorporate unique, special pieces into their homes. 

Have you always had a love for vintage & antique goods? 
Yes, but more so in recent years. My grandma was somewhat of a collector of antiques, and when she passed away a few years ago, I was devastated at the thought of all the beautiful, carefully collected pieces that made her house her home getting thrown away or sent who knows where. So many of the vintage and antique items in my home, my parents’ home, and sister’s home are from her, and are our most beloved, beautiful things! This fueled the fire in me to have a hand in moving previously loved pieces back out into the world — I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic, if you can’t tell! 

What is your best design advice for incorporating these treasures into your home? 
I’m partial to a “collected” home, not “curated”. I get the “ick” thinking about everyone simply owning the same big-box store, mass produced (and usually poorly made) furniture, decor, and glassware as everyone else. My advice is to fight the urge to have your whole home perfectly decorated overnight — instead, collect special pieces you find overtime and make it completely unique to you. When shopping for vintage, if it brings you joy, buy it — who cares if it’s not for everyone, that’s the point!

What does your perfect day in Chicago look like? 
The day MUST start with an almond milk latte from Foxtrot or Black and Tan from La Colombe, followed by a walk by the lakefront or trip to the Green City Market in the summer months. An ideal afternoon for me would be grabbing a girlfriend or my mom to come estate sale hunting or antique shop perusing, immediately followed by happy hour cocktails (I usually go for a French 75 or gimlet). I would wrap the day up with dinner with my fiance at Ciccio Mio or RL Restaurant, where I make him listen to me recount all of the finds from the afternoon 🙂

Be sure to follow along on Instagram & make one of Sarah’s pieces your own!