Kyle & Courtney

At our consultation, Kyle and Courtney were torn. They dreamed of a home in the suburbs with a big backyard, but they also loved their urban lifestyle. I told them I’d set up searches for both houses and condos, and I also shared my forever mantra: “Real estate works out the way it’s supposed to, guys. Just trust the process.”

We kicked off their hunt with a few showings in Hinsdale, my hometown, and some other neighboring towns. It felt surreal to drive Kyle and Courtney up and down the tree-lined streets, pointing out familiar spots like The Lane, where I went to elementary school, and Jade Dragon, where my friends and I had dozens of Friday night dinners.

Kyle and Courtney soon decided that they weren’t quite ready to make the move to the suburbs. We set our sights on condos, searching across a few neighborhoods. One weekend afternoon, Courtney stumbled into an open house in Roscoe Village. She fell for the sleek white kitchen and gorgeous dark hardwoods. Kyle and I went to see the duplex with Courtney later in the week — we loved it just as much.

They closed last summer, and on their big day, they showed up with a card and gift for me — a totally unexpected gesture that blew me away. I feel so grateful for the chance to have represented these sweet buyers. They’ve truly made their space a home. Chicago is lucky to (still) have them.