At the start of our friendship, Sarah and I both lived in Lakeview. She rented an apartment near the lake, and I lived about a mile west. Our first friend date was at a bar in between us (Vander Mill ciders at Sheffield’s) and from that night on, we did a lot of life together: trips, church retreats, walks, pool & patio hangs, wine outside, wine inside, and many more memories.

^ Trying so hard to make Ave Tav a thing.

Last spring, I moved to the Gold Coast, and shortly after, Sarah did, too. I loved that summer and fall. It was surreal to have a best friend living so close to me. I’d walk there or she’d come over — we saw each other all the time.

By Christmastime, Sarah was searching for her first condo. We saw a few places in the South Loop, but when we opened the door to a sunny loft in the Prairie District, we both knew it was the one. The rest of the process — negotiations, inspection, attorney review — flew by. Sarah closed on her new home in January. We laughed our way through the final walkthrough, Snapchatted at the closing table, ate celebratory burrito bowls for lunch and spent the entirety of that afternoon together.

It’s been almost six months since Sarah closed, and I’m feeling all sorts of sentimentality as I write this post. I miss having her as my neighbor, but I’ve also loved seeing her enter this stage of life. Her place is so special. She can take Webster to the dog park, read on her balcony and entertain friends (s/o to the MDW fam).

A belated congratulations to a best friend, sister-in-Christ and homeowner. Hashtag sloop.